About Us


Totally Tickled was born out of a desire to provide moms with trendy clothing and home décor that wouldn't blow their budgets. I love serving busy moms who enjoy making their home warm and inviting and wearing clothes that portray the fabulous person inside.  I love finding great scores in clothing and home décor that I can pass on to my customers.   Above all else, nothing makes me happier than to have my customers feel Totally Tickled with their purchases! 

I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart and have 5 wonderful kids and 9 fantastic grandkids.  We love getting together to eat good food and play fun games.  My husband and I also love having a small garden where we grow mostly everything to make salsa -- because why wouldn't you?!  We love living in a small city surrounded by mountains--but are becoming less and less enchanted with the cold, snowy winters! 

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience!


About Tami


In 2020, I graduated with my Ph.D. in Business.  Having been to school for a very long time, I experienced a cadre of professors who had an abundance of book smarts, but often, very little in the way of practical application experience.  I determined that before I began a career as a professor in business, that I would actually learn how to run a business.  I quickly learned that, while books on the subject of business provide a great foundation, they provide very little in the actual process of running a successful business.  Everyday I learn something.  Some times I feel like an epic failure and other times I feel like I may get this yet.  I'd love your kind feedback on the products you'd like to see, or ways to improve.