About us

Totally Tickled was created with the goal of offering fun, stylish, and affordable products to real women.  You know, the kind of women who are quick to make you laugh, or offer a shoulder to cry on, or a swift kick in the bum depending on the need.  Women who look for opportunities to serve others or learn something new.  Women who, upon finding out at 9:59 p.m. that their kid needs 100 cupcakes for class tomorrow, stay up until 2 a.m. creating a culinary masterpiece using nothing more than canned frosting and sprinkles.  You know, that kind of women: loving, compassionate, giving, patient, fun-loving, devoted, and wise.  These are the kind of women we both cater to and hire at Totally Tickled.  You’ll see no cookie-cutter models in our product pictures.  We recognize that a woman's clothing size doesn't define the person within.  We want women to feel confident, empowered, courageous, and armed with the wherewithal to accomplish all they set out to do, whether that's through our clothing, accessories, or home décor. 

We love what we do and enjoy sharing that joy with our email subscribers by providing them with fun bonuses!  Like a free pair of earrings, a fun printable, access to insider-only sales, and much more.  Above all else, we want you to know that at Totally Tickled, we are devoted to making you feel exactly that --Totally Tickled.